Pending a take-down notice from Private Eye, I reproduce below a cartoon from a recent issue. Sadly it IS funny in part because it’s true, or at least not greatly exaggerated. This is close to the experience of many of those receiving or providing care – it’s rush in, and rush back out again to the next visit.

Kraydel is working with a partner in Domiciliary Care to use the Kraydel technology platform to make big changes to how supervision of medication is delivered by care workers. Today care workers make up to four visits per day, simply to oversee and record the taking of medication.  These visits are perhaps 15 minutes in duration – no time for a cup of tea, a chat or help with anything, and the time spent travelling between clients is non-billable. So the economics are challenging, care-workers get stress, no job satisfaction, and lower pay, and the clients get flying visits that don’t address help address loneliness and isolation. Not to mention too many miles driven at speed between visits.

How much better would it be if 3 of those visits could be replaced by clear medication reminders in the home, delivered by the Kraydel device through the TV, acknowledged by the client using the remote control, and if necessary followed up by a video call to investigate why medication has not been taken.

And then one hour long visit a day, a cup of tea, help with household tasks, a good conversation and a chance to find out if the client is really ok which is what care workers actually care about.

Take a look at what our partners have in mind here.  It’s very cool.