Our CTO, Paul Moorhead, attended and presented at a European Connected Health Conference in Belfast today.  The ECHA and its partner organisations is growing at a fantastic rate – over 650 members.

While there was a variety of speakers, the messages about provision of care to the elderly were very consistent, and I would sum them up with a few key phrases.

  1. Current delivery methods are unsustainable.
  2. Real innovation and risk-taking is required – particularly in procurement.
  3. It must be OK to try things and fail, and learn from it.
  4. Technology has extended life and, in large part, created this problem, it must also then deliver the solution.
  5. Dealing with loneliness and isolation in the elderly is almost as big a problem as their health challenges

An encouraging sign was the number of companies (including ourselves) exhibiting technologies with real potential to transform the economic, and delivery, of care, and support to carers.