Last year Kraydel was fortunate to be featured in a BBC TV programme about innovation in Northern Ireland.  I’ve seen trailers for a second season of the show to be broadcast later this year (which is great – there’s almost nothing which encourages innovators to keep attempting the near impossible more than some public acknowledgement of their efforts).

I went back to look again at the Kraydel piece in the show. Two things struck me – Firstly, TV makes you look fat (or perhaps makes it impossible to ignore the truth that you are already fat) and secondly how much the Kraydel proposition has evolved.  Back last summer we were still thinking that we could get large numbers of elderly people to use a tablet based device, and now that idea strikes us as ill-informed and rather stupidly ignoring the fact that there is already a great big screen in every elderly person’s home. With trials now about to begin we’ll soon reach some more embarrassing (in hindsight) conclusions about other features of the system that currently look smart to us. But this is why trials are so incredibly important, and why we hope to trial as widely as possible, with as many different partners as we can, over the rest of 2017. If you’re a Housing Association, or a Retirement Home provider, or in Social Care provision, and you would like to help us get this right, please get in touch.

The main reason, however, that this clip remains well worth watching is Liz Cunningham. What a remarkable woman, and what a fantastic role model of determination and good humour for all those with dementia.