We like to describe Kraydel Insight as providing non-intrusive monitoring, well at Pitch @ Palace last Tuesday evening we had the complete opposite. Apart from the obvious, and necessary, police presence at St James Palace, we had the added security of a very tall, (even without bearskin) intimidating guardsman. I would like to say he was friendly, he probably is, but since he was on duty he was a rigid as  streetlight and totally expressionless for several hours. He did allow us to take the photographs above but we resisted giving him a hug just in case that crossed a line.

It was a great evening and Lisa and I wanted to thank everyone who voted for us, and the many people at the event who took time to talk to us and offer advice. We made a couple of great contacts as well. We can highly recommend Pitch @ Palace to any young company looking for advice, contacts or investment. The winners of the event, Desolenator, and the runners up, Trylife, are great companies – well worth taking a look.