Kraydel attended the recent Health Plus Care 2017 event in the London Excel arena as one of 7 companies hosted by Invest Northern Ireland

Despite missing most of the first day because of a flight cancellation (electrical storms at Gatwick apparently) it was a good event and we were very busy with pre-arranged meetings and drop-in visitors. Thank you to all those who took time with us – whether you were complimentary or critical (or a bit of both), we value your feedback.

It’s not possible to take part in an event like this, attend the seminars and talk to exhibitors without being reminded of the enormous scale of the challenge that healthcare faces.  It’s encouraging that so many companies are taking on the challenge, and in so many diverse and innovative ways; but we have a mountain to climb and traditional approaches, and technologies will simply not suffice.

One of the most important statements I heard came from a lawyer, who is a board member of a London hospital, and he commented that traditional, long-duration and elaborate trials of new approaches must be abandoned in favour of trying things quickly and judging them on the basis of apparent benefits and gut feel. I think this is absolutely right – we’ve been exposed to plans for 6 month-long trials with control groups, multiple cohorts etc, and while we can admire the rigour, it’s slow painful and expensive for everyone. We think it will be really obvious whether a product/service such as Kraydel is beneficial after a few weeks of deployment. If it seems to be working, keep going and quantify the exact benefits over time. If it doesn’t seem to be working – then stop.  There is an expression used in agile software development: “Fail Fast, Fail Cheap” and it fits.

And special thanks to the gentlemen who asked us to talk him through our product and road map in detail, and later sent us a note to say that we had the most exciting and interesting story of any vendor in our space. That put a spring back into our step after so many hours on our feet.