Kraydel participated in filming during November for a programme/documentary about improving patient journeys.  The programme will be presented by former Sky newsreader and current BBC World presenter Samantha Simmonds, highlighting the huge changes taking place across primary care, secondary care, community and social care. It will focus on organisations which are redesigning the way in which care is delivered to relieve pressure on the system whilst improving quality, through prevention and early intervention. Kraydel’s mission of enabling the elderly and vulnerable people to live for longer and better in their own homes sits at the heart of the transformation which the health system is trying to achieve.

It was a fantastic, enjoyable and stressful (in equal doses) day of filming, which involved 4 interviews, comprising our CEO, strategic partners and stakeholders.  I personally learnt a new skill – story boarding, which will no doubt come in handy in the future! I’ll probably need a few more attempts before I hone this particular skill. We also had a fabulous elder (Madeleine) take part in demonstrating a selection of Kraydel functionality. We even managed to arrange our offices to look like a living room…..having to pop out to a local shop to buy a regular size TV and stand. It all came together well in the end and the film crew were brilliant, diligent, attentive and patient! Thank you to everyone who was involved on both sides of the camera.

The film will be premiered for senior executives across the NHS, DH and private sector. It will also be disseminated across multiple channels and platforms including local government, PHE, health & wellbeing boards, accountable officers at local authorities, GP groups, CCGs and so on. We will also showcase this on our website when it is available.

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